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What is ESG and Business Strategy?

    As investors increasingly demand ESG disclosures and reporting, and financial institutions integrate ESG risk assessment into their decision-making and policies, it is critical that financial services professionals understand what is driving the shift and how they can support it.

    ESG and Business Strategy explores the impact of ESG on the financial services industry and its operations, and teaches participants how to integrate ESG into their organizational strategy. It examines global frameworks and taxonomies, the challenges and opportunities associated with developing an ESG strategy, and best practices for incorporating ESG into an organization’s policies and practices.

What will you learn by taking this course?

  • Understand ESG and its impact on the financial services industry.
  • Identify major ESG regulatory developments, trends, and market practices.
  • Integrate ESG issues into thinking, decision-making, and reporting.
  • Understand, analyze, and provide recommendations on ESG assessment and mitigation.
  • Understand and evaluate the correlation between ESG and corporate financial performance.
  • Understand the methodologies for calculating social return on investment and social impact assessment.

Who should attend this course?

  • Investment and commercial bankers
  • Portfolio/asset/fund managers
  • Credit analysts
  • Ratings advisors
  • Equity analysts
  • Credit risk professionals
  • Asset owners
  • Financial regulators

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